App name: Meritum

Description: The idea was to have approved authors, creating high-quality content for the platform. Their content would be behind a paywall and people could subscribe to it.

Back in time, we didn’t know if people will be actually willing to pay for content and also App Store / Google Play fees prevented us from implementing this. We had a good launch and attracted many people, but we weren’t able to keep it going without authors.

This was before Substack became well-known, so perhaps, in this case, we shouldn’t have started with mobile, but with the web.  My role as a co-founder was to develop the Android app (I’ve onboarded a UI/UX designer and iOS dev), manage and organize the team, and market the app. We had a relatively successful launch (around 250 DAU), but as a bootstrapped startup we failed to attract authors to create content for the platform.

Status: Dead