I’m Filip and I’m a programmer with 6+ years of experience. Most of my career I was focused on Android development, but I started to play more with Flutter and building apps both for Android and iOS. Beside mobile I tackled backend development with Firebase.

I feel the most comfortable in the startup environment. I’ve tried to boostrap a couple of startups already, but I failed so far. Some of them you can find in my “Side Projects” section on the main page.

I’m no stranger to web development and SEO as well. I started building my first websites when I was 14.

I’m working remotely since 2017.

Personal achievements

  • Won 3 hackathons (also never lost one – now I’m afraid to try again 😅)
  • Played in a rock band in high school as a guitar player 🎸
  • Got to 1st position for “avatars” in Google when I was 14 🤓
  • Hitchhiked through Balkans and Norway when I was in college 🏕
  • UEFA volunteer as an ICT Support during Euro 2012

You can also find me on